AdForClim; Adaptive forestry for water and climate

AdForClim focus on forestry in the Baltic Sea region and Russia. The project will deal with climate change and water quality.

AdForClim stresses that climate change has a negative impact on forests. In the future, draughts, storms, insect outbreaks and other catastrophes are expected to be more frequent. On the other hand, forests and forestry can mitigate climate change by capturing CO2 and providing fossil-free products to a sustainable bioeconomy. Therefore, forests must become more resilient, without harming water quality and biodiversity. Against this background, there is a need to share knowledge and experiences between countries in the Baltic Sea region. For example, there is a demand for new planning tools, such as “water maps” to be used by forest enterprises. AdForClim suggests that sharing good examples will speed up the process of adapting to climate change. The partners are mainly research institutions with focus on applied research. Through the project, they will identify gaps and needs, and prepare an application for a future larger project.