Accelerator; Baltic Sea Accelerators: Pioneers for better pollution monitoring and reporting

The focus of the project is on protecting and improving water quality in the Baltic Sea region.

There are networks and organizations struggling to improve water quality and to lower nutrient pollution in the Baltic Sea region. One challenge is that many of these organizations use different methods to monitor nutrients in the water. This makes it difficult to compare and measure results and achievements. Since many organizations share the same goals, it would be better to use similar techniques. The Accelerator project wants to bring together actors working in this field to share experiences and compare best practices for measuring nutrient pollution.

The project will expand and strengthen existing networks in the Baltic Sea region. The goal is to learn more about how the networks are working today. Gaps and implementation challenges will be identified. A workshop on best practices to monitor nutrient pollution will be held. The project also aims to identify and engage more stakeholders that want to take part of a larger project in the future. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.