ACTIVATE; Adapting ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing in the countries of the Baltic Sea Region

The ACTIVATE project addresses  regional challenges related to an aging population. It aims to increase the knowledge about ICT solutions for an active and healthy aging in the Baltic Sea region.

The increasing number of older adults is a challenge for many European countries. This project argues that current welfare systems are not fully prepared to deal with this demographic challenge. There is a need for solutions that contribute to sustainable health and social care. This project considers ICT important for successful implementation of active aging strategies. Since this is a common challenge for all countries in the Baltic Sea region, the project believes in cross-border cooperation, while stressing that country-specific differences still must be considered.

The project aims to investigate various stakeholders’ needs and attitudes towards ICT as a tool for active and healthy aging in Sweden, Poland and Latvia. The project will  produce a framework with guidelines for various stakeholders on how to make use of ICT for healthy and active ageing. Stakeholders are for instance ICT professionals, caregivers, healthcare professionals, elderly and their family members. Some of the activities that will take place are workshops, report writing and to produce a joint application for a more extensive follow-up project.