Baltic AID; Baltic Artists in Development

The Baltic AID project is about developing the regional music market in the Baltic Sea region through knowledge, shared innovative tools and extended networks.

Music is one of the most fragmented cultural sectors in the region. There are some European organisations that focus on training and capacity building for artists and professionals, but no existing networks for exchanging experiences. To this background, the project highlights two challenges. The first is that professional musicians need tools that will support their long-term careers. The second is that organisations in this field must have innovative and relevant methodologies to offer their members the support they need.

The project aims to develop a regional independent music market by designing a shared methodology and a common toolbox. This will offer new insights and an innovative approach to capacity and network building. The project will create an effective framework for cultural cooperation, with more contacts between cultural actors in the area. Activities will take place in Sweden, Estonia and Poland. The focus is to methodically develop and test the contents and materials of the toolbox.