BalticSMART; Baltic forum for smart sustainable cities

The BalticSMART project is focusing on sustainable city development. The idea is to create a forum where stakeholders can share experiences of smart city solutions.

Cities in the Baltic Sea region are facing rapid population growth and inequality in societies. Urban cities consume large amounts of resources and generate waste and pollution, with a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, more technological solutions that reduce the negative impact on the environment are needed.

The project wants to create the Baltic Forum for Smart Cities, a multi-stakeholder consortium, to share experiences from smart city solutions in the Baltic Sea region. The goal is that the region will become a leader of smart, sustainable city solutions – a region where world-leading research and innovation can be found. It will attract investments and boost competitiveness in Smart Sustainable City technology markets. The project will arrange meetings, workshops, seminars and a study visit to Sweden. The project will also develop a web-platform, where knowledge can be shared among the stakeholders.