Baltic Inventor – the future of smart green industrial innovation and digitalization

The Baltic Inventor project deals with digitalization of industrial processes in the Baltic Sea region. It focuses on automation, robotics, AI and big data usage.

Baltic Inventor suggests that the Baltic Sea region has the opportunity to become the world’s most innovative hub for future industrial digitalization, robotics, automation and smart materials. The region is already at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and material research. There are also world leaders of smart robotics and prominent research facilities in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The benefits of enhanced digitalization will not only be economic but also environmental. For instance, it will result in lower energy usage in industrial production and lower climate gas emissions.

However, the development of these new industrial fields requires more collaborative efforts across the borders. The Baltic Inventor project aims to mobilize stakeholders to be able to harvest the regional potential. It will allow the participating countries to share experiences and knowledge, with the aim to create a future of green industrial processes. The activities include pin-pointing major areas for improvement and national market analysis with manuals on how to proceed.