Baltic RECoord; Baltic Responsible Event Coordination for Sport

The Baltic RECoord project focuses on the link between international sports events and social and environmental sustainability. The goal is to contribute to responsible tourism and better local societies through cooperation across the borders in the Baltic Sea region.

International sports events are often associated with sustainability challenges such as travel, transports, different political systems and cultural traditions. Therefore, the project wants to meet the demand for more sustainability credentials in bids for international sports events. The idea is to broaden an already existing Swedish network and promote responsible tourism, across sectors and across nations.

The project will organize multi-stakeholder workshops where sports confederations, tourism associations meet and discuss with academia and other experts. A tool that will be used are the 46 aspects of sustainability that the Swedish Sports Confederation has launched. The overall aim is to contribute to responsible tourism growth and a better local society. A specific aim is the establishment of a network for collaboration on international sport events. The project is an internationalization of a previous national program initiated by the Swedish Sports Confederation in 2017.