Baltic Youth 2030; Baltic Youth 2030 for a sustainable Baltic Sea Region

The Baltic Youth 2030 project is part of the ReGeneration 2030 Movement for sustainable development. The movement wants to strengthen the cooperation among youths in the Baltic Sea region to work on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

The project argues that especially young people are committed to make a difference for the future, and that the sustainability goals cannot be reached without the involvement of this generation. Therefore, young people’s access to political platforms in the region must increase. The project has identified three major needs: to increase the capacity of young people, to involve youths in all policy areas of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region and to support multi-level governance.

The project aims to create a partnership of national and pan-national organizations in the Baltic Sea region for the implementation of Agenda 2030. The goal is to promote the engagement of young people. Some of the activities that will take place are conferences, workshops and preparation for the ReGeneration Summit 2019.