BalticGates; Creating Joint Gates to the Common Baltic Maritime Heritage

The focus of the project is on artefacts, and particularly on the presentations of artefacts. The goal is to create so-called joint gates to the region’s common maritime heritage and in this way, increase the awareness of this common cultural identity.

Every coastal Baltic Maritime Heritage site has artefacts and stories that relate to the common Baltic Sea region. Unfortunately, the presentations of the artefacts often lack information about the connections to the sites where they are found, as well as to sites in other regions and countries in the Baltic Sea region. In other words, they lack information about the history and culture of the Baltic Sea region, which is what constitutes our common maritime heritage. This is considered a missed opportunity, as visitors will not be able to take part of the stories of our common maritime heritage. To this background, the project wants to explore the possibilities to collect and share information between sites, through cooperation across borders and between sites, in order to create so-called joint gates to the common maritime heritage of the Baltic Sea region.

The project covers four countries in the region and is a pilot study that will prepare for a full-scale Baltic Sea region project. The aim is to do a survey of the state of the art in the area, a survey of other projects and networks, and a survey on the awareness and utilization of opportunities. Furthermore, the project will establish formats for collecting information from the participating sites. It will also produce a draft for the forthcoming project application.