BALTRURALBOOST: Establishment and triggering of Baltic Rural Eco-Social Entrepreneurship Network

The BALTRURALBOOST project focuses on eco-social entrepreneurship. The idea is to boost business activity in rural areas of the Baltic Sea region.

Cross-border cooperation between NGOs on business activities in the region have mainly been concentrated to urban areas. Less attention has been given to problems of economic and social nature in the rural areas. The project wants to address common challenges of the countries in the Baltic Sea region and the Eastern Partnership in order to boost rural entrepreneurship.

The project will try to integrate economic and social components into rural entrepreneurship. Focus will be on empowerment and well-being, inclusiveness and increased prosperity of citizens of rural areas. The project will connect several NGOs and institutions to deepen a sustainable network among these organisations. Meetings and PR activities will be arranged, as well as a joint analysis of possible solutions to local challenges in each of the partner countries.