BaltSoftJointNetwork; Baltic Region Joint Open Software Management & Development Network for Digital Democracy

The BaltSoftJointNetwork is about digital democracy. The project idea is to create a model for joint management of digital participation software.

Digital participation tools already exist, both within and outside the public sector. Referendum tools, administrative support for decision-making and ePetitioning are examples of software that have been created for a more open and efficient public sector, with more influence from citizens. However, there is very little international cooperation for these tools, which means that every country has to ‘reinvent the wheel’. As a consequence, the development of software is unnecessarily slow and expensive.

The BaltSoftJointNetwork wants to create a model to jointly manage and develop software further. It wants to contribute to enhancing democratic methods, save costs for the public sector and NGOs and contribute to more knowledge on the use of participation tools. The project will create a network in the Baltic Sea region. This network will share knowledge and discuss the joint management model, based on the Estonian platform VOLIS. Interviews and meetings will be held, as well as a conference.