BASE; Baltic Sea Biogas Alliance

The project focuses on the knowledge about biogas, among a wide range of actors, both public and private. It also aims to establish regional partnerships and networks for biogas in the Baltic Sea region.

The countries in the region are aiming to transform into circular societies and economies, in which biogas is likely to play a crucial role. There is a lot of valuable experience of mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the region. Also, there is a productive climate for innovations, relating to biogas, in the countries of the Baltic Sea area. To this background, the project wants to establish a network of partners, as well as strong and competitive alliances. It calls for a business efficient climate for biogas, and enhanced knowledge and expertise, among public as well as private actors on various levels in society.

The project will arrange a number of workshops and meetings. The focus will be on existing biogas plants, that are subject to joint public-private interests. One specific field of interest is biomass, from various sources, such as municipal waste, farms or butcheries. Furthermore, the project will seek to identify a number of project proposals related to biogas.