BASREHRT; Baltic Sea Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Experts Roundtable

The BASREHRT project is about renewable energy in the Baltic Sea region.  

In light of the European Green Deal’s goal to become climate neutral by 2050, BASREHRT is concerned about the decarbonization of the energy sector in the Baltic Sea region. It argues that the process is too slow, and that the deployment of renewable energy must accelerate. BASREHRT suggests that the switch from fossil to renewable energy cannot be solved with one single renewable type. It is therefore necessary to create a future emission free energy system solution. Such a system must allow various actors within the renewable energy field to collaborate. Moreover, it notes that hydrogen, as an energy carrier, has gained a lot of attention worldwide. Hydrogen offers an option to mitigate raising temperatures and constrain climate change.

Against this background BASREHRT wants to create a platform for renewable and hydrogen tech actors in the Baltic Sea region. The idea is to arrange 8 local roundtable talks. 15-20 participants from various sectors such as industry, transport, power, household and construction will be invited to these talks. Together they will brainstorm and discuss decarbonization options for hydrogen technologies. The activities include national summaries and conclusions, and one transnational webinar for 70-90 participants.