BEDI; Baltic Ecosystem for Digital Innovation

The BEDI project focuses on education for innovation and entrepreneurship.

International and digital innovation is an important driver for economic prosperity in the Baltic Sea region and in the EU’s Eastern Partnership countries. The region has experienced dramatic changes during the last few decades of political, economic and social reforms. In terms of employment, there is a shift away from larger organizations to smaller private businesses. Therefore, it is crucial for the future workforce to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship.

The BEDI project builds on a network that was established in a previous project. The new project wants to expand this network, to include not only universities but also companies and organizations. The idea is to create an ecosystem that supports young digital entrepreneurs in the early steps of their ventures. The project will arrange a workshop in each country where the participants will be representatives from industry, academia and policymakers. The workshops will highlight good examples and other lessons learned. Also, the participants will work together to identify drivers and barriers for growing eco-systems of businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs in the region.