BEIC; Baltic Energy Innovation Center

The BEIC project focuses on renewable energy in general, and biomethane in particular.

Biogas offers a chance to reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it offers new business opportunities, incomes and jobs in rural areas. Progress in bioenergy differs in the Baltic Sea region and the neighbouring countries. Therefore, it would be useful to exchange knowledge across the borders.

The project aims to establish a non-profit association for collaborations on energy innovation within the Baltic Sea region and the Eastern Europe Partnership. The Baltic Energy Innovation Centre, which is the name of the association, will offer activities such as seminars and conferences with knowledge exchange and focus on renewable energy derived from biomass and waste.

As part of the project, the potential members will meet in order to formally establish the association. This includes deciding on the structure of the association and formulating necessary documents. The members of the Baltic Energy Innovation Centre will be research institutes as well as private and public sector representatives.