BEL-NonHazCity: Enlarging the outreach of the INTERREG project NonHazCity to Belarus

BEL-NonHazCity is connected to NonHazCity, which is an EU project financed by Interreg Baltic Sea Region. The purpose of NonHazCity is to reduce the emissions of hazardous substances into the Baltic Sea.

According to the BEL-NonHazCity project, hazardous substance emissions from Belarus reach the Baltic Sea via the Daugava river and it is therefore crucial that Belarus is involved in the EU project NonHazCity.

Previous projects have shown that people in Belarus are interested in the topic of hazardous substance emissions and that wastewater treatment in Belarus has improved over the last few decades. The project argues that further measures are required. This project wants to review the state-of-knowledge on hazardous substances in Belarus and promote the goals of the EU project to administrative officials.

Through the BEL-NonHazCity project, Belarusian partners will be able to participate in meetings and seminars in the EU project. Inhabitants from two pilot districts of Vileyka and Iviye in Belarus will also be involved. A political goal is to harmonize the legal frameworks in Belarus towards the EU. Therefore, the project will identify relevant stakeholders and legal conditions for actions. Policy recommendations, derived from the project experiences, will be communicated to the state of Belarus.