BeUBio; BSR Youth for SDGs and Circular Bioeconomy

The BeUBio project wants to enhance the development of a circular bioeconomy in the Baltic State region, by establishing a platform for the younger generation to be a part of and to lead the development of a circular bioeconomy in the region.

Fossil-based products are imported on a day-to-day basis, while the Baltic Sea region’s rich biological resources remain underutilised. As a consequence, the region is missing out on the chance of becoming a leader in the development of bioeconomy. The project stresses the importance of involving the younger generation, while initiatives and methods for attracting and involving this next generation are still missing. The project wants to establish a platform that will facilitate the next generation’s involvement in the process of developing a circular bioeconomy in the Baltic State region. The project will work to raise the awareness of bioeconomy among different groups of stakeholders, including civil society, governments, municipalities and academia. It stresses that the youth perspective is well-integrated into the process.

One of the activities is to establish a preliminary Youth Bioeconomy Council, another one is to map existing educational and training programmes and products in the Baltic State region. Meetings and activities will take place in Denmark, Belgium, Estonia, Finland (Åland), Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Also, the BeUBio project will develop a concept for a possible future project in the field of bioeconomy that involves youth.