BFB-COLAB; Biosphere for Baltic – collaboration, ocean literacy & local engagement for a sustainable Baltic Sea

The BFB-COLAB project is about biosphere reserves in the Baltic Sea region. It will focus on ocean literacy through tourism.

The project notes that the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves around the Baltic Sea are important learning sites for sustainable development. It is therefore crucial to disseminate how they can be used to highlight environmental challenges and to boost ocean literacy among visitors. All of the biosphere reserves in this project are located in remote areas, on islands or in rural settings. Therefore, exchange of experiences will be very valuable for each biosphere reserve. BFB-COLAB will facilitate international collaborations through the network of biosphere reserves in the Baltic Sea region which was established in 2018.

The project will collect and share good practices that will increase ocean literacy and nature-based solutions for sustainable tourism. Also, it will launch a social media campaign to increase the awareness about the network and the project in each participating country. The activities include a launch meeting, exchange events and a campaign during Baltic Sea Day.