BFB-TOOLS; Biosphere for Baltic – Tourism for Ocean Literacy and Sustainability

The BFB-TOOLS project is addressing the needs for increased ocean literacy among tourists visiting the Baltic Sea biosphere reserves. The project seeks to improve the collaboration between the biosphere reserves in the region, to strengthen their knowledge about sustainable tourism practices.

Biosphere reserves are learning sites and model areas for sustainable development designated by UNESCO. In the Baltic Sea region, there are nine biosphere reserves located by the sea in seven countries. The reserves are already engaged in local tourism activities, but the collaboration and learning between them is inadequate.

This project aims to encourage networking between tourism stakeholders and to mobilize the full potential for sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea region. The plan is to initiate a collaboration on sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea region, to highlight environmental challenges and contribute to ocean literacy.

To achieve the goals, two main activities will take place. Firstly, a sustainable tourism activity in all nine biosphere reserves will be developed. Secondly, the project will map the availability of sustainable products in the biosphere reserves. The project will also explore how storytelling and branding can be used to highlight these products’ contribution to both the environment and the consumers.