BioGreenBaltic (BGB); Bioenergy and ecosystems services for low-carbon development in the Baltic Sea Region

The BioGreenBaltic project is focusing on bioenergy. The idea is to map existing solutions for bioenergy in the Baltic Sea region and establish a network to exchange knowledge.

The world faces severe challenges due to climate change. New energy sources are needed, as well as more energy security. Bioenergy plays an important role in providing this, and the field has grown in recent years. Yet, only a small portion of the potential of bioenergy is being used.

The BioGreenBaltic project suggests there is a need for more cross-sectoral discussions among stakeholders. The project wants to form a regional group around the Baltic Sea region, to map existing resources and evaluate conditions for the development of bioenergy and ecosystems services. Furthermore, the project wants to define key issues for sustainable use of bioenergy and provide support for policy decision-making. The BioGreenBaltic project will arrange field visits and workshops as well as analyze regional and local priorities that affect the development of bioenergy. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.