BIORET; Bioenergy retrofit of facilities for heat and power production

The BIORET project is about sustainable heat and electricity production in the Baltic Sea region. It will focus on the creation of a transnational network for knowledge and experience exchange.   

BIORET argues that renewable energy has become increasingly important, to reduce the demand for fossil fuels and create job opportunities through new bioenergy solutions. It notes that there is a high demand for bioenergy and wood biomass in the Baltic Sea region. Nevertheless, despite the countries’ priorities, BIORET suggests that more can be done to speed up the transition to sustainable heat and electricity production. 50 per cent of Sweden’s thermal energy comes from biofuels, while Russia does not have a system for targeted support from the government or any incentive for the construction of biomass power plants, which puts a halt in the development. BIORET therefore suggests that a transnational network can help the countries develop the industry by sharing knowledge, technical solutions and rebuild and convert the heat and power industry to decrease the use of fossil fuels. It wants to set up a base for further collaborations between the partner countries. The activities include consortium meetings, three exchange visits, at least eight site visits, and three international match-making workshops.