Boosting IGG; Doing Gender for Sustainable Change in Startups and innovation-boost Change!

The Boosting IGG project focuses on educating new businesses on gender. One goal is for startup companies to be able to close today’s gender gap.

It has in recent years become clear that there is a lack of gender awareness in innovation startups in the Baltic Sea region. When it comes to policies on business development, gender is rarely discussed. The Boosting IGG project wants to close this gender gap. By focusing on gender issues, negative structures will be challenged, and gender equal growth is promoted.

The project will work with the already established European Winnet partnership network to look for new partners. The partners will be universities, public and non-governmental organizations, as well as business representatives. One purpose is to create gender modules, which will be used by business developers to educate entrepreneurs and business owners on gender issues. The activities include developing a strategy on how to integrate gender in startup companies and creating a test pilot for education on gender.