BSCC; Baltic Sea Cultural Cities – Connecting Citizens & Cities through Culture

The project will work on the establishment of Baltic Sea Cultural Cities, to be nominated annually or biannually. This new format aims to enable more cultural contacts between people, organisations, theatres, museums, etc. across the borders in the Baltic Sea region.

Many cultural activities take place every year in the Baltic Sea region. These activities are often sectorial, singular events or festivals, or take place in a local setting. There is a lack of a wider cultural format that could channel the potential for creativity in the region and connect the region culturally. This project wants to promote cooperation rather than competition between people and cultural actors. Also, it wants to promote long-lasting cultural relations in the region. The Baltic Sea Cultural Cities will be a new format to promote and build a Baltic Sea identity as well as encourage transnational cooperation.  It will involve cultural actors, cities and regions throughout the Baltic Sea region.

The project will work on and present a plan for the implementation of the Baltic Sea Cultural Cities concept. The idea is to invite experts on financing, to discuss how to secure the implementation of Baltic Sea Cultural Cities financially over time. Meetings and workshops will take place in Stockholm, Kaunas, Gdansk and Rendsburg, as well as online.