BSPonEE: Baltic Sea Partnership On Energy Efficiency

BSPonEE addresses energy efficiency in buildings in the Baltic Sea region. The project focuses on the creation of a network for various stakeholders.

While there is an ongoing debate over the cause of greenhouse emissions, the BSPonEE project points out that the cleanest energy is no energy. Therefore, energy efficiency is one of the most effective solutions to minimize climate gas emissions. BSPonEE suggests that there is an overload of information on best practices, case studies, research reports, tools for promoting energy efficient materials and equipment. But at the same time, there is a lack of structure to handle this valuable information. As a consequence, individuals, building owners, companies and other stakeholders are not taking necessary actions.

BSPonEE stresses that transnational cooperation between the countries in the Baltic Sea region will allow stakeholders to merge skills and experiences which enables larger impact. Therefore, one of the goals of this project is to create a network of stakeholders from various sectors in the region. A major activity will be to map existing initiatives and networks working with energy efficiency. Another goal is to identify a strategic team of leaders that will work together to develop the network of experts and stakeholders.