BSR INTERCONNECT focuses on public transport in the Baltic Sea region. The project wants to promote the possibilities for citizens to use public transport when travelling between countries in the region.

Progressing i nfrastructure investments in transportation in the Baltic Sea region will reduce travel time and improve mobility between coastal areas and inland cities. Also, possible future investments in high-speed railway lines will allow remote regions to benefit from better access to the metropolitan labour markets. Yet, the BSR INTERCONNECT project suggests that public transportation between countries in the region is often overlooked in public policies. The sea passages tend to be seen only as part of the freight transport domain. Therefore, the project wants to see more discussions on the opportunities for passengers to travel seamlessly in the region.

One of the goals of BSR INTERCONNECT is to make the integration of public transport services across the maritime borders more visible on the policy agenda in the Baltic Sea region. The project argues that integrated public transport services will provide better opportunities for internationalization of economic and labour markets in the coastal regions of the Baltic Sea. In order to achieve this, BSR INTERCONNECT will establish a network of professionals who are able to increase the visibility of cross-border public transport on the policy agendas. The activities include network meetings and thematic workshops with representatives from relevant sectors and countries. The project will collect scattered experience on the cross-border public transport issues and develop an application for an extended project to an Interreg programme.