BSRCCC; Baltic Sea Region Climate Change Curriculum

The BSRCCC project plans to develop a regional course module on climate change for all universities in the Baltic Sea region. This will be done with the help of local researchers.

The project stresses that the Baltic Sea region is facing great climate change challenges and that education plays an important role when dealing with them. It also emphasizes the need for a regional perspective as all countries, not the least in this region, are interlinked. Thus, it would not be relevant to develop and teach a climate change course solely from a single nation’s perspective. The project wants to bring together local researchers and climate change experts from the greater Baltic Sea region including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Together they should create a climate change course module – a module specifically developed for the region. The project will contribute to the mobility of education, and to make educational exchange more accessible.

The main activities will be to meet, discuss and coordinate the course module on climate change, compile the module into a complete package, launch and promote it. Activities will mainly take place in Sweden and Lithuania.