BSRCNP; BSR Cluster Networking Platform

BSRCNP is a project about clusters of small and medium size enterprises in the Baltic Sea region, with the focus on the education of “cluster mangers” and a new network platform.

BSRCNP suggests that small and medium size companies working within clusters are more likely to successfully internationalize their businesses. Therefore, it is necessary to support such clusters in the Baltic Sea region. One particular challenge, according to BSRCNP, is that many cluster managers lack education and tools to lead. In view of this, the project will create a multi-level network of clusters in the Baltic Sea region, and thus complement another ongoing project, BSR Cluster Manager Education, which offers trainings for cluster managers. The BSRCNP project will elaborate on the creation of the network platform. It will furthermore produce a report on conditions, such as challenges, stakeholders, thematic groups, communication, and possible funding. The activities also include lectures by external cluster management experts, and an evaluation of a cluster management education by the project’s reference group.