BSRHN; Baltic Sea Region Hydrogen Network

The BSRHN project concerns hydrogen technologies. The idea is to gather early adopters of emission-free vehicles and promote the use of hydrogen in the Baltic Sea region.

There is a need to drastically reduce the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The transport sector alone, according to the EU Commission, needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions with 60 percent. One challenge is to minimize the dependence on oil, without sacrificing efficiency and mobility. Transportation needs to use less and cleaner energy and take advantage of modern infrastructure, powered by green and sustainable innovations.

The BSRHN project wants to build a network of early users of renewable energy sources. The idea is to increase awareness of hydrogen as an energy carrier, and thereby increase the number of emission-free vehicles. The network will consist of stakeholders, such as politicians and authorities on national, regional and municipal levels in the Baltic Sea region. The project will arrange meetings and seminars to establish the network. Private companies that produce hydrogen technology will also be invited. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.