BSRTAMN; Baltic Sea Region Talent Attraction and Mobility Network

The BSRTAMN project is about talent attraction in the Baltic Sea region. One long-term goal is to increase the region’s ability to attract talent.

Many cities in the Baltic Sea region struggle to attract and retain talent. Skilled professionals tend to move to larger urban areas, leaving smaller cities without the talent that they need. Previous cooperations between cities have been successful. However, current city cooperation focus on investment attraction, while there is a need to focus directly on talent attraction and to include smaller cities. Therefore, the BSRTAMN project wants to create and strengthen networks to foster international mobility between smaller cities. The project wants to deliver a model that provides knowledge and encourages further collaboration between cities in the Baltic Sea region.

The project will create a network of smaller cities in the region and host meetings and workshops to share experiences and knowledge. The project will also carry out research on internationally successful practices and create a toolkit for talent attraction management. It will also facilitate relocation of talents to increase mobility within the network. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries mentioned above.