BWC 2.0; Baltic Wool Cooperation – 2.0

BWC 2.0 focuses on the processing of sheep wool in the Baltic Sea region.

Wool is often imported from Australia, New Zeeland and other remote countries, while wool produced in the Baltic Sea region is sometimes not used but rather thrown away. The BWC 2.0 project wants to change that. There are some vivid local wool industries in the region, but BWC 2.0 suggests that there are opportunities for the sector to grow. Local wool is often coarser than, for instance, merino wool from Australia, and therefore require mills that are flexible and versatile rather than big. Moreover, the project argues that local mills and farms will benefit from more contacts and collaborations. This will facilitate for local entrepreneurs to find mills that are suitable for them and their projects. Therefore, BWC 2.0 wants to create a network of organizations and small and medium size enterprises in the wool sector in the Baltic Sea region. The project argues that this will increase both productivity and innovation capacity. Also, it will contribute to the development of new products and create sustainable growth in the region. The activities include inventory of processing mills, creation of a network and participation the Baltic Wool Conference 2020 and 2021.