BY Baltic Sea Food

BY Baltic Sea Food is a project with relations to Baltic Sea Food, an EU project financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme. The EU project deals with distribution of local food products.

The BY Baltic Sea Food project argues that many small farmers, producers and service providers in rural areas are struggling to increase revenues and reduce sales costs. Restaurants, that often seem to appreciate fresh and local food, are nevertheless reluctant to establish business relations with small farmers and producers as it is time and resource consuming. The challenges are similar throughout the Baltic Sea region and also in Ukraine and Belarus.

The BY Baltic Sea Food project lets partners from Ukraine and Belarus take part of the outcomes of the EU project, in which a B2B model for distribution between small farmers and producers of seafood and restaurants is created. Belarus will be able to join the meetings with the other partners of the EU project, while Ukraine will work together with Ystad Municipality and Estonia’s Ministry of Rural Affairs. The involvement of Ukraine and Belarus will offer added value to the EU project through an external point of view and feedback.