CHIBS; Cultural Heritage In the Baltic region Schools

CHIBS is a project about cultural history and forestry in the Baltic Sea region. The project will focus on the use of pre-historic and historic remains in teaching.

In the forests of the coastal areas in the Baltic Sea region, a lot of pre-historic and historic remains that belong to our cultural heritage can be found. CHIBS suggests that these remains can tell us stories that are not often mentioned in the history books. Hence, these historic remains are an unused resource in the school’s teaching. CHIBS wants to change that. The project argues that the remains can offer the pupils a glimpse of the local history, and that they can be used in many different subjects such as language, geography, mathematics and science. One idea is to use the results from previous projects in Sweden and Norway to produce and promote methods for teachers in the coastal areas to use historical remains in their teaching. For this purpose, CHIBS will establish a regional partnership in which at least seven organizations will be represented. The main goal is to prepare for an application for a project with the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.