ChYResilience; The role of children and youth in building a resilient society

ChYResilience is a project that will focus on the possibilities of children and youth to participate actively in the process of constructing resilient societies in the Baltic Sea region.

Children’s vulnerability to disasters is expected to increase as the intensity and frequency of natural disasters increase, according to ChYResilience. It is therefore important that every country in the Baltic Sea region builds resilience among children and youth and their communities to reduce their vulnerability. Children can help prepare societies for disasters and accidents. However, this is a perspective that has not received much attention in the Baltic Sea region. The ChYResilience project wants to empower children and youth to play an active role as contributors to resilience in society. It also wants to remove barriers to their active involvement. In view of this, ChYResilience will establish a network of organizations in the Baltic Sea region. Together, the partners will work to create a common understanding on how to involve children and youth in the process of building resilience. For this purpose, they will arrange focus groups and put together a list of recommended activities. This will be collected in a pre-study, which will also include a set of guidelines for those working in different social contexts to adapt best practices to local conditions.