CLIMECO; Climatic extremes in the Baltic sea region and their effect on forest ecosystem services

The project addresses forest fires due to the effects of climatic extremes. One purpose is to contribute to better forest fire protection and forest management in the Baltic Sea region.

Periods of drought, forest fires and strong storms provide potential large-scale impacts on our forest ecosystems and on our societies. Yet, the effects of these climatic extremes have not been analysed enough. The CLIMECO project suggests that modern and historical data of climate, fire activity and forest productivity should be analysed. This should contribute to better predictability of such events and their effects. The project wants to involve researchers across the borders in the Baltic Sea region, as well as from various sectors including forestry, forest ecology, climatology, ocean science, and earth system modelling. In this way, a platform for research cooperation in the region will be created.

The project aims to present a set of recommendations to improve management of extreme climatic situations in the future. These recommendations will be offered to forest companies, federal forest services and administrations. The activities include a seminar and fieldwork for fire history reconstruction in the Vodlozerski national park and other protected areas in Karelia and in the St Petersburg area.