ClimVisEurope; Towards a climate data visualisation platform for Europe – identifying stakeholders needs

ClimVisEurope wants to develop a visualization tool for climate information. The project will be focusing on the preparations for the implementation of the concept in the Baltic Sea region.

The Baltic Sea is warming up faster than any other sea, according ClimVisEurope. This development affects the patterns of temperature and precipitation. It also has an impact on related occurrences such as floods, droughts and heat and cold waves. ClimVisEurope suggests that timely climate information is crucial for the purpose of mitigation measures, and to decrease socio-economic and ecological vulnerability to future climate change. In view of this, ClimVisEurope notes that reliable data on complex climate changes are missing in many countries in the Baltic Sea region and in the Eastern Partnership countries. Moreover, transnational platforms providing such information in national languages are also missing. ClimVisEurope therefore wants to set up a platform for reliable and up-to-date climate data in Europe. The platform should be accessible, multi-lingual and interactive. The project will establish a network of at least six partners from all participating countries. The activities include a survey to identify the partners’ needs, and a mapping of existing similar climate data visualization platforms.