CONSUME; Consumer Guides for Sustainably Produced Meat in the Baltic Sea Region

The Consume project has to do with helping consumers, decision-makers and producers in the Baltic Sea region to make conscious decisions when buying or producing meat.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that one person eats a maximum of 25 kilo meat per year. The global average is around 41.90 kilo per person and year, far above the recommended level. The overconsumption and overproduction of meat has proven to have negative effects on the environment, animal husbandry and biodiversity. For the meat industry to become more sustainable, consumers and producers need access to this information. Today, no meat consumer guidelines exist in the Baltic Sea region, making it difficult to make educated decisions. The Consume project aims to increase the knowledge on meat consumption by creating meat consumer guidelines for the Baltic Sea region.

The project will establish a partnership of actors in farming, agriculture and sustainability. The partnership will map the current situation of meat production in the Baltic Sea region. Additional stakeholders and potential partners will also be contacted. Through workshops and meetings, the meat consumer guidelines will be developed. Also, the goal is to establish a long-time funding strategy to keep the project going. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.