CRCC; Making communities resilient to climate change: cross-sectorial cooperation in capacity building

The CRCC project wants to work on making communities resilient to climate change. The idea is to expand an existing network in the Baltic Sea region.

Climate change is expected to cause more natural disasters, such as floods, storms and heat waves. Failure to adapt to climate change is not only a threat to people’s lives but could also have a big impact on the economy. Estimations show that the costs of natural disasters could amount to 100 billion euro per year. By 2050, the costs could increase to 250 billion euro per year. Cross-border cooperation is needed to prevent and minimize damages to society.

The CRCC project wants to contribute to the collaborations between public authorities, NGOs and professional associations, by expanding an already existing network in the Baltic Sea region. The project also wants to develop a concept that strengthens the capacities to respond to natural disasters caused by climate change. A questionnaire on challenges related to climate change will be distributed, and the results will be presented in a seminar. The project will also analyze best practices and financial instruments as well as arrange meetings and workshops. Moreover, it will prepare a joint application for a future project on resilience to climate change. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.