Crea-RE-RU: Creating aligned studies in Resource Efficiency in Sweden and Russia

Crea-RE-RU is connected to the project Crea-RE, which is an EU project funded by the Interreg Central Baltic programme. The idea of Crea-RE is to match the sustainability needs of companies through so-called vocational education training.

Crea-RE-RU argues that the climate crisis, with diminishing resources and environmental pollution, highlights the importance of circular economy and resource efficiency in the Baltic Sea region. Therefore, the project wants to expand the Crea-RE project to Russia and contribute to the development of higher vocational education in the country.

The idea is to work together to share knowledge and produce training materials for higher educational institutions. Case studies from collaborations with companies will bring the institutions a better understanding of the actual needs in working life. And through e-learning the institutions will be able to stay up to date on the latest innovations. Crea-RE-RU suggests that Russia will, in turn, bring new and different knowledge to the EU project and other partners will therefore also benefit from the project.