DGP Flagship; Diets for a Green Planet Flagship

The DGP Flagship project is about the recovery of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. By using a concept called “Diets for a Green Planet”, the project wants to enhance the role of local grassroots as a driving force.

The project emphasizes that status of the Baltic Sea depends on the total management of the whole draining basin including agriculture, aquaculture and forestry. For the ecosystem to recover, major changes in the region’s food systems are required. Small-scale solutions tend to be temporary, therefore this project calls for a systemic shift to achieve a long-term recovery of the ecosystem. This requires coordinated actions from multiple and local actors in the food chain. The project will use “Diets for a Green Planet” as a concept to strengthen the coordination between these actors. “Diets for a Green Planet” is a meal concept for healthy food that the earth can produce in a sustainable way. It is based on a holistic view of the food system. The concept will allow them to create solutions that will benefit the environment and health of citizens as well as rural development. The long-term goal is to implement good practices in the food production chain, all the way to the consumers.

Several activities will take place within the project. Some of them are to produce a handbook for how the “Diets for a Green Planet” concept works in practice, perform country analysis, identify research gaps and further funding to enable a Baltic sea regional wide cooperation.