Digital pilot; Digital pilots for industrial SME:s in the Baltics based upon industry 4.0

The Digital Pilot project focuses on the digitalization of industries in the Baltic Sea Region.

Digital transformation unlocks tremendous possibilities for companies as well as labor markets. The Baltic Sea region already hosts plenty of research and technology institutes and innovation hubs, and the industries in the region have a strong proficiency in engineering and machinery. However, the global competition is fierce. The Digital Pilot project wants to boost the digital transformation in the traditional sectors and small and medium-sized enterprises in the Baltic Sea region.

The project aims to create a dynamic environment for innovation through cooperation across the borders. The long-term ambition is to establish the Baltic countries as a digitalization hub. The activities will mainly be workshops and audits focusing on i4.0, the so-called fourth industrial revolution in which digital transformation plays a crucial role. The audits will ask how ready the companies are for i4.0 – a so called “i4.0 Readiness Check”. Also, the project will define goals for the future and a possible pilot project. Auditors will be trained, to be able to act as coaches for digitalization.