E-SATCARE; Network to implement e-satellite clinics in Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine for improving healthcare

The E-SATCARE project is about e-healthcare and satellite clinics in the region. The overall aim is to reduce child mortality through accessible mother and child healthcare solutions.

Healthy infants are the basis of healthy populations and critical assets as human capital in the sustainable economic and social development of societies. In high-income countries, most prematurely born infants survive, while in countries such as those in the Baltics the survival rates are lower. One reason is unequal access to good healthcare services, another is lack of public awareness.

The E-SATCARE project argues that it is necessary to develop cost effective and accessible healthcare solutions. An e-system could minimize the geographical and qualitative disparities to healthcare provisions. For this purpose, the project will collect data and assess the current needs of e-healthcare and satellite clinics in order to improve healthcare in the Baltic Sea region and in Eastern Partnership countries. Moreover, it will transfer knowledge on mother and child healthcare systems between the partners. One activity will be trainings of local staff on e-healthcare satellite clinics for mother and child healthcare. The project will also work to raise awareness about the challenges and needs among a wider audience of experts, policymakers and non-governmental organizations, who will be invited to an international conference in Kyiv.