EB; EuroBees

The EB project is about the beekeeping industry in the Baltic Sea region. The focus will be on promoting cooperatives and social enterprises as well as sharing knowledge across the borders.

According to the EB project, the beekeeping industry in the Baltic Sea region is vital and has the potential to grow and contribute to rural development, poverty reduction and integration of migrants, among other things. On the other hand, beekeepers in the region are facing real challenges that cannot be neglected. For example, EB notes that Swedish beekeepers are under stress from imports of other sorts of honey such as acacia honey, and that fake honey sometimes is imported from countries outside the EU. Another aspect is the use of honey, where Latvian and Ukrainian beekeepers are more experienced in the use of honey products for recreation and SPA therapies. Against this background, the EB project suggests that beekeepers have much to gain from sharing experiences across borders. EB therefore wants to promote cooperatives and social enterprises in the beekeeping industry in the Baltic Sea region. The activities include meetings, analyses and pre-studies. The partners will present and share cultural knowledge in beekeeping. They will also compare the legal and economic frameworks in each country and discuss a common trading model for products and services that all partners can benefit from through cross-border trade.