EduBUP; Re-thinking of pedagogy for implementing education for sustainable development in the Baltic Region

The EduBUP project deals with pedagogy and teaching methods at universities in the Baltic Sea region. It focuses on sustainability, and in particular Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

ESD is an inter-disciplinary learning methodology. It is included in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and recognized as a key enabler for sustainable development through education. The network of the project, hosted by the Baltic University Programme, has been promoting sustainability for many years, offering conferences for university teachers and students, etc. Yet, with an increasing complexity of the challenges related to sustainability, it is necessary to develop new teaching methods for various disciplines and new inter-disciplinary approaches to teaching sustainability in general., It is important to share knowledge and experiences between the countries in the region, since they all have different experiences from working with ESD. The project stresses that sustainability challenges cannot be solved without collaboration between disciplines and actors across the borders.

The objective of the project is to empower university students with competence in sustainability in order to provide solutions for the future. The plan to do this is through updated pedagogy and teaching methods. The activities include to analyze how the partner countries use ESD, to develop and organize courses on ESD, and to promote changes of pedagogy at universities.