FSC Baltic; Develop the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea region trough FSC-certification of responsible forestry

The FSC Baltic project concerns sustainable forestry. The idea is to create a platform for cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders.

The Baltic Sea region faces challenges on how to use the forest resources in the future. In the attempt to mitigate climate change, the use of biofuel from forests is growing. This leads to ecological shifts, since the need for more biomass, such as tops, branches and stumps, expands. Therefore, there is a need to promote sustainable solutions and management for modern forestry.

The FSC Baltic project wants to contribute to a better understanding between different stakeholders and a sustainable development. Moreover, the project wants to contribute to solving problems across the borders, and analyze similarities and differences in each country, to develop a more unified approach to responsible forestry. The activities will focus on capacity-building of stakeholders in the forest sector through training via workshops and field visits. The project will also arrange partner meetings and discussions with stakeholders in each country. As part of the project, the partners also cooperate with organisations in other countries not mentioned above.