GIG; Green Innovation Governance

The GIG project concerns the capability of innovation organizations in the Baltic Sea region to apply for and participate in EU funded projects with transnational partners.

There is a need for more collaborations between organizations that promote economic and sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea region. Some organizations, that work in the field of innovation, find it difficult to engage in transnational partnerships. For instance, most Swedish local projects that are EU-funded, lack European partners. Yet, one thing that many of these organizations have in common is that they are interested in EU programs that require partners in the South Baltic Sea region. Therefore, the GIG project wants to improve the organizations’ capabilities to apply for and participate in projects with transnational partners.

The project will establish networks to enable increased business opportunities through transnational cooperation. In the long run, the focus will be on climate, water/maritime, small-scale food production, health and green technology. The networks will consist of both public and private organizations. The project will arrange meetings and local workshops, cross-border programmes and courses. Also, the project will implement campaigns to create a sense of common needs and challenges.