Goby fishing; A new resource? Investigating potential of commercial fishing of round goby the Baltic Sea

The Goby fishing project is about the potential of commercial fishing of round goby in the Baltic Sea region. The idea is to establish a network with key stakeholders and develop a joint application for a large-scale pilot project to benefit the commercial, small-scale fishery of round goby in the area.

Small-scale coastal fisheries have declined in the Baltic Sea region. Nevertheless, there is an increased interest in a new fish species that could be relevant for commercial small-scale fishing – the round goby. The species itself is not unproblematic, as it is an invasive fish and might threaten biodiversity in the Baltic Sea. Commercial fishing could be one solution to reduce the negative effects of the species. With this in mind, development of policies for the management of round goby are needed in a sector where cooperation between fisheries is otherwise rare. In a broader perspective, the project wants to bring prosperity to the fishing sector in the region, end dependence on subsidies and create new jobs and growth in coastal areas. It also intends to promote better understanding on how to meet challenges for the commercialization of small-scale fishing of round goby in the area. Several activities will take place. These include cross-sectoral and multinational cooperation and consists of workshops, online meetings and the preparation of a large-scale pilot project.