GreenGovern; Creating new business opportunities by increased knowledge about environmentally driven business

The GreenGovern project deals with business advisory functions for small and medium sized companies in the Baltic Sea region and in particular with information to these companies regarding environmental issues.

There is a growing interest from companies to invest in eco-friendly products and technologies. This is a trend that will contribute to the transition towards a green and circular economy. Yet, the GreenGovern project points out that many investments by small and medium sized companies are delayed or do not happen at all. One reason is lack of accurate information about environmental rules and laws.

The GreenGovern project wants to make it easier for companies to do eco-friendly business and invest in green products and solutions. It wants the partner countries of the project to share experiences, and thus strengthen the capacity of the institutions that provide information and advice to small and medium sized companies on environmental issues. The long-term objective of the project is to enhance smart and sustainable growth in the Baltic Sea region. The activities will be to identify at least one good practice from each organization and produce information packages for business support officers in each country