Human Rights Promotion by engaging tribal youths through community media action in Eastern India

The project will promote human rights knowledge by engaging indigenous youths in
production, use and propagation of community media like audios and videos in their
own language keeping in mind the prevailing situation and culture in an area
notoriously ill famous for its information poverty. It will also focus on strengthening
the local democratic institutions to uphold the rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Innovative use of social media, capacity building, creation of digital platform and
broadcasting radio programmes are the major activities to inform the tribal people
by their counterparts about their rights and entitlements. Evidence based
programming will be ensured through baseline and formative research studies and
the lessons learned will be enumerated through participant observations, in-depth
life story and focus group interviews with young people, interviews with other relevant
actors, and end-line studies. The programme will reach half-a million youths aged
between 18-35 years living in media-dark areas.