INNOVIMMUNE; Baltic Platform for Innovative Immunotherapies

The INNOVIMMUNE project concerns public health and competitiveness in the Baltic Sea region.

Cancer and chronic viral infections with HIV-1 HCV constitute severe challenges to public health in the Baltic Sea region and around the world. In some countries the incidence rates of cancer have gone up and the long-term survival rates for patients with advanced cancer remain low. There is an urgent need for new and improved immunotherapeutic methods. In this context, there is also a need for modern and revolutionary methods.

The INNOVIMMUNE project will educate graduate and post-graduate students in biomedicine and biotechnology to make them more attractive on the labor market. One goal is to introduce the most modern methods in these fields. Hence, the project will form and coordinate study projects for young researchers and offer them supervision and professional education. Another activity will be individual trainings of bachelor, master and post-graduate students. Furthermore, the project will arrange workshops on targets of cancer immunotherapy and vehicles for delivery of gene-based immunotherapeuticals. Also, the project will aid a larger project by establishing infrastructures for free movement of knowledge in the region.