LINK4Change; Link for Change: Engaging stakeholders for user-centric digital public services

LINK4Change addresses the digitalization of public services in the Baltic Sea region.

Countries in the Baltic Sea region, and in the Eastern Partnership, are in the process of digital transformation of public services. The LINK4Change project notes that in this process, the countries pursue different trajectories. One particular challenge is the matter of trust. LINK4Change stresses that people’s trust in public administration and political leaders is an underlying challenge in countries with a history of political instability.

LINK4Change wants to establish a collaboration across the borders between researchers, practitioners and stakeholders. The goal is to share knowledge on citizen-centric digitalization of public services for increased quality of government. The partner countries will benefit from a better understanding of the relationship between digitalization of public services and citizens’ trust in government. The activities include a review of existing research and reports, mini-pilots and two stakeholder workshops. Moreover, the project will establish a collaboration for at least two research and development projects.